Our Program Management Services Feature:

  • Comprehensive and standardized audit data capture
  • Guided product selection to assess cost/performance of multiple solutions
  • Role-defined user access and permission levels
  • Customized workflows and notifications
  • Documentation and reporting

Portfolio-Level Lighting Projects

Lighting efficiency projects often compete for budget dollars with other capital projects, and despite great paybacks and big savings, sometimes requesting funds for one facility at a time doesn’t generate enough excitement from corporate decision-makers. Our clients asked us for a program that would help them execute lighting projects with scalability, and we delivered!

Aelux Portfolio Lighting Services works with multi-site facility portfolios (ranging from just a handful to thousands) to help our customers outline their investment criteria, assess their portfolios and identify lighting efficiency projects across North America that meet their specific financial, performance, safety and productivity requirements and thresholds.  From corporate lighting standards to managing RFPs, and from product analysis to a standardized implementation process, we are your trusted lighting efficiency partner.  

Flexible. These services can be structured to meet all types of procurement requirements, can include fixed consulting fees or can build it into the variable project costs, offers traditional and off balance sheet financing options, and is endlessly adaptable to the unique needs of our clients.

Faster, cheaper.  Looking at your whole portfolio rather than on a site-by-site basis allows you to streamline the process of creating company lighting standards, analyzing opportunities and auditing sites.  Our proprietary software lets us standardize data collection and project specification, drive down labor costs, negotiate national account pricing (speeding up the procurement process, saving you money) and track the ongoing conditions and status of each project. No more waiting for your facility managers to initiate projects. We find and prioritize your best products first, getting you energy savings results you will notice, fast.

Creates more value.  A portfolio approach aggregates the savings possibilities, demonstrating more value to corporate decision-makers and making a stronger case for allocating budget dollars to energy efficiency. Our state-of-the-art proprietary portfolio management software will give you real-time, fully transparent access to the status of every project. Also great for carbon and sustainability reporting!