Gym Lights in Planet Fitness.

Gym Lights

The atmosphere in the workout area of a gym needs to be welcoming, vibrant, and well ventilated.

A quality gym lighting system will help create a bright and energetic environment that supports your member’s athletic grind.

With gym lights, seemingly minor factors in application and technology can have a drastic affect on the atmosphere. 

Any issue that can negatively impact your member’s performance compromises their experience. Working out is hard, and requires concentration.

Issues that contribute to an uncomfortable session need to addressed immediately. For example, disproportionate or poorly installed gym lights can cause “warm zones”  that make certain areas feel dense and muggy. 

High Bay LED Lighting

High Bay lights are typically utilized to light areas with higher ceilings. Normally 20-50 feet.

Larger spaces like gyms, workout facilities, and industrial warehouses require a broader range of illumination. High Bay LED Lighting packs the power to accomplish this.

LED technology is the ideal solution both flexible and cost-efficient enough to help you contribute to your bottom line in multiple ways:

  • Dramatically reducues energy and maintenance costs. Highly sustainable.
  • Excellent light quality, with minimal glare.
  • Allows for a wide variety of variations in lighting customization. (color, temperature, etc.)
  • Motion sensing capabilties to display light only when needed.

We can conduct a photometric assessment to determine the amount of footcandles necesary to distribute optimal light to your facility.

WESCO National Retail Group offers an end-to-end solution, that delivers integrated systems tailored to meet the needs of the fitness industry.