Grocery Store Lighting


Grocery store lighting presents one of the most crucial applications for quality lighting solutions. With vast assortments of foods on display, they need to appear as colorfully appealing as possible.

LED technology provides the intricately customizable variations of colour temperatures needed to intensify the hues of different foods. This not only provides a more appealing aesthetic, but helps to extend the lifespan of exposed perishable items.

Freshly lit fish and freezer units that stay cold are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you work with WESCO National Retail Group to develop lighting, electrical distribution and control systems for your grocery or convenience store operation.

Power in Presentation


From the luscious greens in the produce section to the prime cuts in the butchery, we provide premium solutions for grocery store lighting that help maximize sensory appeal.

For example, lighting in the butchery would need to deliver a strikingly scarlet tone to accentuate the meat. However, the source of light would need to be far enough from the meat itself as to prevent heat emanation that could shorten its lifespan.

Like business people in any industry, grocers are interested in 3 things: making money, saving money and reducing risk. How can we help you achieve these goals? It’s simple.

More energy-efficient lighting systems can reduce costs, while the right lighting and control systems ensure that your food looks more appealing and sells faster—accelerating your revenues while reducing the risk of waste.

Because many of the products in the store have a relatively short shelf-life, it’s important that these products appear so appealing that they fly off the shelves before spoilage occurs. And showing them off in their best light ensures that will happen.

So whether you’re lighting a new facility or retrofitting an existing one, WESCO is the right partner to help you achieve your goals within your budget.