As your guests enter a hotel or its grounds for the first time, an overall impression is formed in their minds in a matter of seconds. And the right (or wrong!) lighting will make all the difference in how your guests perceive your facilities and their stay there.

Finding just the right lighting solution for all the varied areas you need to light can be a challenge. In the hospitality industry, guest rooms, common areas, support infrastructure, restaurants, parking lots and resort grounds all require a deft touch and individual lighting design.

Your entrance and check-in area need to make a great first impression. Your restaurants will require different ambient lighting during the day than at night. Your guest rooms have several different lighting requirements, depending upon whether your guests simply need to dress in the morning, change for dinner, read a book, work at the computer, watch TV or take a shower. And that’s just taking about some of your indoor lighting needs!

It’s clear that you need flexible and cost-efficient lighting and control solutions to deal with these challenges. Trust WESCO National Retail Group to provide an end-to-end solution that delivers hospitality with sustainability and cost-saving efficiency.