Commercial Industrial Lighting fixtures. LED warehouse application.

Commercial Industrial Lighting


Commercial Industrial lighting is a crucial element of safety and operational efficiency for workers and building owners alike. Proper lighting undoubtedly makes for a more productive and secure work space.

Employees in these settings often spend the majority of their shifts sorting, shipping, and tracking inventory in these buildings.

Lighting needs to be bright enough to provide ample visibility throughout the facility, but not so intense as to interfere with worker’s health.

Repeated exposure to overly intense lighting can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, damaging sleep patterns and negatively impacting health in other areas. 

Poorly lit industrial spaces are not only unpleasant and demoralizing, but can be dangerous. We offer turn-key lighting and power distribution solutions from the leading manufacturers in the industry.  


LED Warehouse


LED warehouse applications offer a tremendous amount of benefits for facilities. In addition to being widely regarded as the ideal lighting solution within the industry,  the optical systems used to distribute light give you more control than ever.


Why are more and more industrial facilities using LED lighting solutions today, even if it means total or partial retrofits in older facilities? There are several reasons:

  •  LED’s require far less maintenance effort, lasting up to 50,000 hours. This is almost 50 times longer than traditional lighting.
  • Motion sensing capabilities keep energy from being wasted on areas that don’t always require light.
  • Better for the environment. LED’s don’t contain any toxic components.
  • They keep your facility from overheating. LED’s emit a fraction of the heat given off by typical bulbs.
  • They also hold the potential to take advantage of the IoT features now available. And that means that LED warehouse and industrial applications help you institute process improvements from data collected by sensory technology.

There are so many ways that effective commercial industrial lighting can help you save money and work smarter. WESCO National Retail Group will work with you to develop a custom solution that both meets your needs today and helps you prepare to take advantage of new technologies as they emerge.