High Quality Products Lead to Lasting Value

WESCO National Retail Group partners with the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting, electrical distribution, power and control products in order to provide our customers with the right solutions to their needs.

Experience has proven that quality products, designed and manufactured to high standards, consistently provide superior performance, more reliable service and lasting value. For this reason we are very selective in products we distribute and manufacturers we represent. When our design professionals recommend a particular product or system, you can be sure that it will meet or exceed the highest expectations.

In some cases the products we recommend may not be the lowest acquisition cost option. But, over time, you’ll come to appreciate the dependability, performance and overall value received. The proof comes when the power flows and the lights go on, every time.

The manufacturers highlighted below have proven themselves to be trusted, reliable partners for WESCO National Retail Group. They meet our strict requirements for product design manufacturing excellence, quality assurance processes, reliable delivery and product support. Together we form a team that offers you a winning combination for delivering dependable electrical power and light for your organization.

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