Brandywine Realty Trust - Philadelphia, PA

Urban parking garage update with big savings.

As a National ‘Best in Class’ developer, Brandywine Realty Trust was looking to invest in retrofitting thier existing ENERGY STAR certified tower with an updated energy efficient parking garage. Three Logan Square, one of Philadelphia’s landmark skyscrapers, is at the center of the city’s business district. Brandywine wanted to see an additional reduction on lighting costs and energy consumption, as well as improve safety and lighting levels. Aelux recommended a solution that resulted in a dramatic reduction in lighting costs and payback.


Reduction in Lighting Costs

Months to Payback

Projected Annual Cost Savings

High Pressure Sodium

Original Fixtures

24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk

Operating Schedule

100,000 sq. ft.

Facility Size

LED, Occupancy Sensors

Proposed Solutions

The Project

An Aelux comprehensive lighting audit found the facility was full of inefficient high pressure sodium fixtures. Aelux recommended an LED wallpack solution combined with occupancy sensors to replace the old HPS fixtures. Aelux proposed lighting and sensors to be installed depending on location in the parking garage in order to maximize lighting levels and safety when-needed, while minimize energy consumption. Aelux secured a rebate that covered 7% of the project cost, with a payback period of 49 months. Brandywine Realty Trust now saves an additional $26,000 a year on their energy costs.

Environmental Results


266,466 kWh

Estimated Annual kWh Saved

GHG Reduction Equivalent to:


• Eliminating emissions from 44 cars
• Planting 6,127 trees