Hilton Downtown Boston

A creative LED & fluorescent solution for a large city hotel

Hilton Hotels is an international chain of full service hotels and has been a leader in global hospitality since 1919. The 15-story Hilton Hotel in Downtown Boston recently experienced a dramatic reduction in energy costs on a lighting project with Aelux. This hotel previously spent over $108,000 in lighting costs per year. Aelux first conducted an audit and found that the Hilton was filled with old incandescent fixtures and outdated fluorescents – both huge opportunities for savings. Aelux then created a unique solution for the Hilton’s many space types.


Reduction in Lighting Costs

Months to Payback

Projected Annual Cost Savings

Incandescents & Fluorescents

Original Fixtures

24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk

Operating Schedule

300,000 sq. ft.

Facility Size

T8 fixtures, LEDs & Sensors

Proposed Solutions

The Project

LEDs replaced the incandescents, old fluorescents were upgraded to more efficient T8 fluorescent fixtures and new LED stairway fixtures were installed with wireless occupancy controls that automatically dim lights when unoccupied. Combined, these solutions saved the Hilton drastically in both energy and maintenance costs. Aelux worked around the clock shifts, making sure not to disrupt the daily happenings of the hotel, and secured a rebate for Hilton that covered 10% of first project costs. The Hilton Hotel in downtown Boston now saves over $80,000 each year.

Environmental Results


497.218 kWh

Estimated Annual kWh Saved

GHG Reduction Equivalent to:

• Eliminating emissions from 70 cars

• Planting 9,687 trees