Main Line Health - Greater Philadelphia, PA

Multi-site portfolio project with high performance results

After experiencing high energy costs across their portfolio of hospitals, Main Line Health was ready to save money and energy. Constellation Energy chose Aelux to complete the lighting and controls portion of their institutional-wide energy efficiency upgrades at Bryn Mawr, Lankenau, Paoli, and Riddle hospitals. Main Line Health is a nationally recognized acute care hospital system that reported that they were spending over $400,000 annually on lighting costs across their portfolio. Aelux recommended lighting solutions that maximized performance while dramatically reducing energy costs.


Reduction in Lighting Costs

Months to Payback

Projected Annual Cost Savings

T8, T12, Metal Halides

Original Fixtures

24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk

Operating Schedule

1 Million sq. ft.

Facility Size

T8, LED Fixtures

Proposed Solutions

The Project

A comprehensive lighting audit found that MLH’s facilities were fitted with a mixture of inefficient T8, T12, and metal halide fixtures. Aelux recommended LED lamps and lower wattage T8 fixtures for indoors, combined with LED fixtures for outdoor to replace old T8, T12, and metal halide lamps. The Aelux solution included the replacement of old T8 lamps with new low ballast factor T8 lamps in order to maximize performance and reduce energy consumption. Aelux secured a rebate for MLH that covered 10% of the entire porfolio lighitng retrofit. Upon completion of the retrofits at all four hospitals, MLH will save close to $300,000 a year.

Environmental Results


2,957,329 kWh

Estimated Annual kWh Saved

GHG Reduction Equivalent to:

• Eliminating emissions from 246 cars

• Planting 34,396 trees