Ottens Flavors

LED solutions that double light levels and slashed costs

Ottens Flavors, a worldwide flavor supplier and industry leader, recently upgraded the lighting at their research and testing facility to double light levels while dramatically reducing lighting costs. The 100,000 square foot facility, located in Philadelphia, includes offices, R&D labs, warehousing, freezers and production space. Ottens previously spent close to $40,000 a year on lighting energy costs due to their inefficient metal halides and outdated T8 fluorescent fixtures.


Reduction in Lighting Costs

Months to Payback

Projected Annual Cost Savings

Metal Halides & T8s

Original Fixtures

24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk

Operating Schedule

100,000 sq. ft.

Facility Size

LEDs and Sensors

Proposed Solutions

The Project

Aelux designed an all-LED solution utilizing the latest, most efficient technology coupled with occupancy sensors in appropriate areas. High-bay fixtures, 2’x4′ drop-in fixtures, outdoor wallpack and shoeboxes were all upgraded, resulting in a brighter space with double the foot-candles that was safer and more comfortable for employees. Aelux secured a rebate for Ottens that covered 25% of the project cost.

Environmental Results

394,218 kWh

Estimated Annual kWh Saved

GHG Reduction Equivalent to:

• Eliminating emissions from 47 cars

• Planting 6,533 trees