Our systems integrate illumination, security, and data communications in a total system for enhanced management and simplified supervision.

Putting Control Where it Belongs

The WR Controls division of WESCO National Retail Group makes integrated systems that combine control of lighting and electrical distribution with environmental controls in a single package. The multisite commercial market is the division’s area of specialization.

These Integrated Facilities Systems are highest quality systems and components, including panelboards, metering, lighting controls, surge protection and electrical distribution equipment. Using those components, we deliver custom designs, wiring and integration of the control system, putting the tailored control solutions into a standard enclosure and delivering it to customers as a turnkey package, ready to install. And we even provide ongoing hardware maintenance and monitoring services.

Now, in combination with our Needham Lighting and Electrical Solutions and our Aelux retrofit divisions, we are able to offer your business an end-to-end solution to create a lighting, power distribution and control program that delivers superior performance, efficiency and cost savings. Our systems integrate illumination, security, data communications in a complete solution for enhanced management and simplified supervision.