Rebate Management

Rebates for going “green” are more readily available than ever before, and that’s a trend we don’t see slowing. How can you take advantage of these incentives? Better lighting design and making use of LED technology is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Not only are you doing something good for the environment, you’re also contributing to your own bottom line. The cost savings over the lifetime of the solution, the immediate incentives from utilities, and the avoidance of costly fines for non-compliance with local energy standards.

WESCO National Retail Group can help you develop and execute on a rebate strategy that makes sense for you. Our customized, turnkey solutions can speed you on your way and help you accelerate your revenue growth.

What is it?

Calculation that allows us to do an initial analysis that evaluates and prioritize projects within a portfolio based on utility data


  • Each facility is rated by location (State & Utility) from 1 (best rebates) to 3 (no rebates)
  • A score of 2 is average, which typically covers 15-30% of the project cost
  • Rebates based on LED upgrade preference and specific utilities rebate programs are currently offering.
    • LED Tubes / Ballast Retro Fit
    • Full LED Fixture upgrade