The Power to Manage More Efficiently

WESCO National Retail Group designs and implements power distribution strategies that combine advanced technologies with practical experience to give you total control over your lighting and electrical systems. Our W.R. Controls division pioneered the integration of power and lighting solutions, and has continued to lead advances in the industry.

Now, in combination with our Needham Lighting and Electrical Solutions and Aelux retrofit divisions, we are able to offer your business and end-to-end solution to create a lighting, power distribution and control program that delivers superior performance, efficiency and costs savings. Our systems integrate illumination, security, data communications in a total system for enhanced management and simplified supervision.

We’ve taken the “behind the scenes” integration of electrical distribution equipment and lighting controls to a new level of sophistication. Instead of having an electrical contractor attempt to tie together a hodge-podge of incompatible components, WESCO National Retail Group creates a comprehensive, coordinated and controllable system at a single site or across multiple locations.

We Put Control in Your Hands

WESCO National Retail Group can give you more control over your electrical costs. Contact us today by calling 000-000-0000. Or simply complete our convenient online request form and a WESCO professional will be in contact within 24 hours.